[en] Welcome to, the Centre in Nijmegen for Open Source Software and Open Systems. The centre is available for work on the pillars of Open Source Systems: generally underlying technologies, libraries, network procotols and development tooling, from straightforward programming to formal methods.

[nl] Welkom bij, het Centrum in Nijmegen voor Open Source Software en Open Systemen. Het centrum is beschikbaar voor werk aan de pilaren van Open Source en Vrije Software: de onderliggende technologieën, bibliotheken, netwerkprotocollen of ontwikkelaarshulp; van rechtuit programmeren tot formele analyse.


ARPA2 Parts of the ARPA2 project, bits of Quick DER, LillyDAP and Steamworks, are developed by CNOSSOS in collaboration with Rick van Rein and others. This work can be found on github.


CNOSSOS works on Free Software: we do it for the four freedoms and the tenets of the Open Source definition.

CNOSSOS works in the open: you can find our work on github, and in KDE repositories, and elsewhere.

CNOSSOS works holistically: we can move up and down the software stack, or sideways into formal methods and baking cookies. All work and no play make [ade] a dull boy.


A Canadian by birth and a Dutchman by training, I studied mathematics and computer science (PhD. in formal methods from the University of Nijmegen), pretended I could play a lawyer on TV for a while, wrote some medical-related software, and then moved on to working on Open Source projects full-time.


You can use GPG-signed or encrypted messages to communicate with me. The key is available from keyservers, or here, pubkey.asc.

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